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Wholesale HV Switch Test


DC Contact Resistance Tester / Loop Resistance Tester 100A 200A 400A 600A
Item/Model:ZXHL-200AMeasurement Range:1~1999渭惟
Resolution:1渭惟DC Test Current (customizable):50A,100A,150A,200A
Accuracy:卤锛?.5% Rd+2d锛?/p>
High Light:circuit breaker testing equipment, circuit breaker tester
ZXHL-200A Contact Resistance Tester 100A 200A 300A 600A
1. High current: For latest power supply technology, the tester can continuously output high current which overcomes the weakness of instantaneous current produced by pulsed power. It can effectively breakdown/puncture the oxide layer of the switches and then get precise results.
2. Strong anti-interference ability: The last number of test data will stably show in the LCD screen only with 卤1d error even in strong Interference situation.
3. Long service life: All the precise resistances used in the tester can reduce the temperature鈥檚 impact on the measurement results and military connectors can enhance vibration resistance.
4. Convenience: Small size, light weight.
Measurement range1~1999渭惟
DC Test current (customizable)100A50A,100A,150A,200A100A,200A,300A100A,200A,400A,600A
Accuracy卤(0.5% rd+2d)
Working modeContinuousContinuousContinuous100A:600S,200A:60S,
DisplayCurrent & resistance:Three and a half digital display
Power supplyAC220V卤10% 50Hz
Service conditionsTemperature -10鈩儈40鈩? humidity:鈮?0%RH
Dimension300脳280脳210mm380*350*260mm380*350*260mm350脳350脳510 mm
N.W.6 KG5 KG10 KG30 KGWholesale HV Switch Test